To Standing Rock Activists


Dear Water Protector

I am a huge admirer of what you are doing to protect the waters at Standing Rock. I and my associates believe that we have a simple energetic process that could directly and critically affect the outcome of this conflict. Would you be interested in exploring this further with us?

Power vs Force

This is what we see as the nub of the problem. You directly, and the rest of the world by default, are  in a conflict situation where the dividing lines are between Power and Force. The  pipeline operators, the investors, the police, and  the  government all understand how Force can and has been used to move through conflict. The only option for  the water protectors that will resolve this intractable problem without aggression is through Power.

Essentially, Force arises out of Fear and Greed, creating disconnection, separation, resistance, stress, shame, guilt and grief. Power arises out of Love and Compassion, creating connection, unity, healing, forgiveness, light, harmony, peace and joy.

Bible vs Gun

Five hundred years ago the White Man came to America with a bible in one hand and a gun in the other. The gun prevailed.

The Native American medicine men and women of the time understood Power. Nevertheless, Force overcame Power.


The implication is that either the medicine men and women at that time did not know how to harness enough Power, or that the Native Americans chose to use Force against Force, or a combination of both.

Whatever it was, we now see a people that has been dis-empowered and sidelined by the perpetrators of Force. Force now prevails, not only in the US but throughout the planet. Until now, Power has been unable to stand up to Force.

An Issue for Humanity

The issue at Standing Rock is the issue for the whole of humanity. Unless we can re-discover how to connect with Infinite Power and how to apply it effectively, humanity may be doomed. This could be either as a result of aggravated global warming, or self-destruction through war, or both. We have to find the answer.

After 35 years trying to answer this question, I believe we at Freedom Within are now on the right track. We know what it takes to be connected with, and to be the Infinite Cosmic Power of Healing, Light, Love and Joy.

See this very short video as an example  of the effective application of Power in instantly dissolving and healing a bladder tumour:

We have also successfully tested the process with a number of land-based disputes, including at the family, community and country levels. In all cases there were successful resolutions. We cannot of course be totally sure that it was our intervention that resulted in the harmonious outcome. But our confidence is growing with increasing evidence of success.

Standing Rock

At Standing Rock our understanding is that the medicine men and women are the major influencers and leaders. Ideally, if we are to offer what we believe to be a quantum and exponential increase in the Power required to transform the unequal balance, we need to work together. So, how can we persuade a medicine man or woman, whose power, however strongly connected to the indigenous spiritual tradition and Mother Earth, has nevertheless been insufficient to overcome the centuries of damage and misery inflicted by the exponents of Force?

Would you be willing and able to refer us to any relevant leaders that might be open to exploring this?

Is this something that you would be interested in for yourself?

Freedom Within

At Freedom Within, we see ourselves as Quantum Shift Facilitators. We see humanity at the very edge of a Great Transformation. Our goal is to help change our collective energy field in order to trigger a quantum shift in individual and collective consciousness.

We have a very narrow window of opportunity. The Great Transformation has to happen within the next five years.

Facilitator Training Scholarships

Our work is to train Quantum Shift facilitators. With respect to Standing Rock, we are offering up to 12 scholarships for anyone who is committed to the struggle at Standing Rock and who is willing commit to participating in weekly online group work over a period of six months.

The process includes the maximum expansion of individual consciousness and then experiencing the exponential power of participating in a group with the joint intention to create harmony wherever there is resistance coming from Force.

The participants can also start training others in the process, so that they can apply the process within their own networks, thereby systematically raising local and collective consciousness.

Trained facilitators can also do this for a living. This is one way that activists could support themselves at the same time as fulfilling their goals.

For more details, see

Many thanks, with love, Michael

Michael Wolff
Freedom Within