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Our Goals

Our goal is to help humanity experience a radical transformation of consciousness, shifting from Fear to Love.

With the two modules

  • Clear Your Blocks
  • Quantum Shift Facilitator Program

the primary goal is a radical transformation of both individual and collective consciousness in the next few years.

To achieve this, it is necessary to deploy the process exponentially and very rapidly.

The program needs ultimately to be available for everybody.

Early Adopters

However, besides the need for a radical transformation of consciousness, we also need to radically transform our lifestyles. Making these major changes requires funding and capital. For this reason, our initial primary target participants are individuals who are currently financially stable and who can afford the module pricing structure.

These are the ideal Early Adopters.

However, we are also including an option for those who have lost their jobs and their incomes to join the program for FREE.

In either case, our primary focus is to attract participants whose goal is to train as a Quantum Shift Facilitator and then train others to become Quantum Shift Facilitators.

Because we are using a network marketing model, which goes down to five levels, prospective Facilitators are encouraged to attract individuals at higher income levels, where possible. 

Whatever option a participant chooses, the service is the same, whether paid for or FREE.

Network Marketing Model

We use a network marketing model in order to scale exponentially in the fastest possible time. 

Therefore, with the expectation that most participants will want to go on to help others, in order to generate a very substantial income, the model goes down to five levels. For example:

If you sell the Clear Your Blocks service to 20 individuals and if each of these goes on to provide the same service to another 20 individuals, all the way down to five levels, then the number of individuals who have received the service and who have gone on to provide the same service could reach:

20 x 20 x 20 x 20 x 20 amounting to a total of 3,368,420 participants.

The Facilitator Program consists of two modules, each one taking two months

  • Heal Your Core Wound
  • Facilitator Training

If 15 of these go on to the Heal Your Core Wound program, with the same logic this generates 813,615 participants.

Then, if 10 of these go on to complete the Facilitator Program, this amounts to 111,110 participants.

For both Referral Partners and Facilitators, this entails the potential of earning several million pounds. In this model, the potential earnings for the Referral Partner could amount to several million pounds!

Of course, if you attract more than 20 initial participants and they all follow the same steps as outlined above, the potential earnings increase exponentially.

The Process and the Products

Shifting global consciousness is a major undertaking. For each prospective Facilitator there are essentially three stages:

  1. Clear Your Blocks – Two Hour One-to-One Session with Facilitator – £60
  2. Facilitator Training
    – Heal Your Core Wound – Two Months One-to-One and Group Program with Facilitator to embed, integrate, and sustain the shift through continued clearing and practice. – £240
    – Facilitator Training – Two Months One-to-one and Group training on how to shift the collective field and train others to become Facilitators. – £240

Revenue Share

On the above three modules, the Referral Partner earns

  • Direct Revenue share      20%
  • Passive Revenue share       2%

The Referral Partner also has the option to take an equity stake in the organization. This provides the opportunity for capital growth and dividends (see below).

Revenue Share Allocation

The revenue share is allocated according to the table below:

In this model, Referrers and Facilitators both earn a greater share through passive income.

The Centre share reduces accordingly.

Financial Model

To see the financial model and explore the possibilities for yourself, please enter your details and submit.


If you want to change the assumptions and play with the model, please download the editable version here

Word of Caution

The above figures show the optimum possibilities and are provided as an indication of the best case potential. As the network expands, prices may fall, therefore reducing the above amounts accordingly. The average number of trainees per facilitator may be much lower than as indicated above. These are ideal targets.

The real opportunity for Referral Partners is that most qualified Facilitators are likely to require sales support.

Early Adopters – Needles in a Haystack

While the income potential is very high, finding the first Early Adopters is like looking for needles in a haystack. Early Adopters are very exceptional individuals. They have the power, the determination, the perseverance, the skill, the commitment, and the courage to be like this salmon below.

This salmon is committed to swimming thousands of miles across the Atlantic in perilous conditions and to finally make its way up this Scottish river to its traditional spawning grounds. The survival of the species depends on her determination to fulfill her mission. These are the qualities of Early Adopters.

Most important is the will and intention, once qualified, to train other individuals to become Facilitators.

Click the image above or see here for a more detailed profile of Early Adopters.

Additional Income Opportunities

Besides direct and passive revenue share, Referral Partners will be qualified to buy an equity stake in the enterprise once a referred trainee Facilitator has qualified.

This can add considerable additional value, assuming that the network is able to expand exponentially as required.

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