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Freedom Within is a practical guide on how we can co-create the most beautiful of all possible worlds simply by changing ourselves. In other words... triggering the QUANTUM SHIFT in individual and collective consciousness.


Love – Joy – Health – Abundance

Start clearing what’s blocking you, NOW!

You’ve done it! You’ve finally had the courage to cross the threshold of your own fear and resistance.

Relaxing in the warmth, the light is fading as the sun is softly gliding behind the hills. The shadows are gently falling on the breathtakingly beautiful lake in front of you.

Sitting in the sun room with spectacular views all round, you’re sipping herbal tea and gently letting go as you feel the love, safety and support of your hosts, Michael and Jessica, knowing that everything that is about to happen is for you…

This feels like being at home…

But you’re in the remote Scottish Highlands, at a very personal weekend retreat, relaxing as you wait for your dinner to begin – delicious mouthwatering homemade food – far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

How long have you been denying yourself this opportunity? Is now the moment to realize your dream?


View of Lochussie


Over the next few days you’ll be learning how easy it is to clear your life time blocks and then, with some very simple practices, really begin to change your life.

Will I be spending the weekend in agony and tears?

No worries, this is about Surrendering and Letting Go!

Whatever breakthroughs I might make won’t last?

Once cleared, making and sustaining changes is easy!

No gain without pain?

Couldn’t be further from the truth!

Can I really clear life time blocks in just a few days?

You’re going to be totally amazed!

 I am supposed to be on medication all my life?

Once you get out of the way, the body can heal itself.













So why should YOU join us?

Simple, this is the PERFECT environment to learn how to make a real quantum shift in your life.

There’s no need to keep hanging onto your blocks, especially when they no longer serve you, when you’re still feeling stuck, and never totally happy!

The Weekend Retreat is JUST what you’ve been looking for to get the help you need to make the leap!

Plus we’ll be exploring the beautiful rivers, forests and hills, eating incredibly delicious food, and learning how to love and spoil ourselves from the inside out!




So, where are YOU now? Are you ready to…

  • Make a real quantum shift in your life?
  • Heal the deep causes for whatever is holding you back?
  • Learn some really easy practices to sustain your breakthrough?
  • Fully experience Love, Joy, Health and Abundance?
  • Help your family, friends, community to share your experience?

This Weekend Retreat is for you if you’re ready to release and let go whatever is blocking you from responding Harmoniously with life’s ups and downs.




You’re Not Alone…

Whatever your symptoms, feeling blocked or stuck is a very common experience.

This is something that I discovered after many years of practising and teaching a martial art (Aikido). Aikido is about resolving conflicts harmoniously through being connected.

My big breakthrough came when I discovered that  it all comes down to understanding the natural cycle between two fundamental dimensions of being:

Disconnected – seeing yourself and everything in the world as being energetically separated.

Connected – seeing yourself and everything in the world as being energetically unified.

It’s like the cycle of inhaling and exchaling, expanding and contracting, radiating and attracting, Yin and Yang.


Human beings have become progressively disconnected, possibly since the beginning of language. These are the main elements:

  • We are all born connected, but very soon become disconnected.
  • Because we are all disconnected, we think it’s normal.
  • What holds us in disconnection is our early life core wounding.
  • We bury this deep in our subconscious.
  • It takes the form of contracted and blocked energy.
  • This blocked energy shapes our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.
  • These determine our habits, conditioning, patterns and addictions.
  • We are driven primarily by Fear and a sense of lack and scarcity.
  • We see the world in terms of separation: You and Me, Them and Us.
  • Most of us are permanently stuck in this one dimension.
  • The natural cycle is broken.




When we are energetically connected we are One with all there is.

It is a state of being beyond language.

You know it when you feel it.

  • It is really easy to be connected.
  • It does not take a life time of practice. It’s instant.
  • With simple and easy practices, we can stay connected.
  • It is really easy to let go our core wounding, our blocks.
  • It is then really easy to bring our life into total harmony.
  • When we are in total harmony, we are moved by Love.
  • When we freely give and receive love, we feel Joy.
  • There is no separation between You and Me, Them and Us.
  • We stand fully in our own power.
  • We are one with the Universal Life Force.

The Root Cause Of Most Of Our Issues…

Being stuck in either dimension creates an imbalance in our lives. This is the root cause for our limitations, our ill-health and our unhappiness. When we are able to cycle freely between Disconnection and Connection, we are then in the flow. We have Freedom Within.









What You Can Expect…

Over the weekend, we have time for four two-hour sessions. We also have time to enjoy walks, to relax and to eat delicious meals.

I am offering you a quick, easy, painless and safe way to understand the root causes of your lifetime blocks, how to heal the causes, and how, through simple practices, to resolve the symptoms over time.

This first step enables you to resolve any resistance that is preventing you from bringing your life into total harmony.

When you are in Harmony, you will be able to deeply experience Love, Joy, Health and Abundance.

The First Step Towards A Quantum Shift…

What I teach is the simple energetic principle: Resistance is Pain, Flow is Bliss.

The process is conducted either one-to-one, or in a very small group. I show you how to:

  • Assess your general level of harmony in life.
  • Feel what it is to be disconnected.
  • Identify where you are holding onto old core wounding and blocks.
  • See where you are on the Scale of Consciousness and the possibilities for expansion.
  • Become fully connected.
  • Release and let go your core wounding and energy blocks.
  • Name and release your primary Unmet Need.
  • Practice, moment by moment, to BE Love and Joy.


I also help you to see where you are in terms of Acceptance, Forgiveness, Compassion, Conditional Love and Joy.

By the end of the weekend, you can expect to have experienced a major shift and to have the tools and the confidence to continue to make changes in your life on your own. I am available to provide continued support, should you need it.

About The Location

We are located some 20 minutes drive from Inverness. It is easiest to reach us by car, however, we can arrange transport from either Inverness Railway Station or Airport.

Bring walking shoes, warm clothes and water proofs. The weather in Scotland can be very unpredictable.

Are You Ready To Release And Let Go Your Lifetime Blocks…?

There are two options:

  • Short Weekend – late Friday to late Sunday
  • Long Weekend – late Thursday to late Monday

In the Long Weekend, having cleared your blocks, we review your thoughts, feelings and beliefs and how these have affected your habits, conditioning, behaviour patterns and addictions – especially when you’re in a “danger zone”. A danger zone is a situation where in the past you might have been triggered. We also help you identify your primary Unmet Need, need that never seems to be met, but which you want, most of all. We show you how you can let if go and find the need within yourself.

We keep most of our weekends free, so you can come pretty well any time that suits you. The number of participants range from one to five. You get our undivided attention.


The all inclusive cost for the weekends, including two sessions per day with Michael Woff and  full board and lodging, amounts to

  • Short Weekend£350
  • Long Weekend£600


When you’re ready…

For Short Weekend



For Long Weekend




In the weekend retreat Michael takes you through the different stages of energy healing and explains the concept consciousness muscle testing. For me the most fascinating part of the retreat was giving energy within the group to others. The combined effect of a group giving energy to an individual created an exponential impact healing different members of the group.

A number of interesting experiments were conducted over the weekend with energy and consciousness and with the powerful barometer of muscle testing by the Hawkins scale at the centre of this. For anyone who wishes a transformative weekend with amazing home made food, in a beautiful house surrounded by beautiful landscape this retreat is for you!
~ Dr Neil Buchanan

On this weekend I experienced and received lots of unconditional love – from Michael and Jessica making me feel like a family friend visiting and Coco their beloved chocolate Labrador reminding me that it is possible to be completely connected in to ‘universal’ love.

Michael has a natural warmth and generosity – his passion for sharing this learning and encouraging others to experience being connected is truly authentic.

Through the sessions with Michael, I identified some core wounds and released some blocked energy – I experienced a subtle but important shift in how I experience the world and how I feel about myself

This is enabling me to tackle some areas of resistance/tension/low self-esteem and to recognise and start to change some learned patterns of thinking that I’ve held on to subconsciously since childhood.


It now seems possible to move further and further away from a starting point of fear to a starting point of love, recognising that fear, anger and many other ‘darker’ emotions are a part of life so it’s not about getting rid of them but accepting them and not giving them energy. I can now tap into the unconditional love that is both within me and that I am part of in order to ground myself and take more steps forward.

I came to this weekend having done a fair amount of recovery work/body movement and all of this has been wonderful but I was still a bit stuck in core wounds and beliefs and I believe this weekend and follow up sessions has enabled me to take a big step further on my journey.  ~ Emma

Thank You!

Download Free eBook as PDF

Freedom Within is a practical guide on how we can co-create the most beautiful of all possible worlds simply by changing ourselves. In other words... triggering the QUANTUM SHIFT in individual and collective consciousness.