Heal Myself – Help Others – Save GAIA

Extinction or Heaven on Earth?

Twelve Steps to Heaven on Earth

Humanity is currently hurtling towards NEAR TERM EXTINCTION.

We’ve been heading gradually in this direction for several hundred years.

But it has been getting progressively faster in the last few decades.

Gaia (the Goddess of Life) needs our help – NOW!

This is to ensure her and our survival!

We urgently need to change direction. We’re facing a collective emergency!

Each one of us is part of the same Whole. We are all connected, with each other and with Gaia.

But the emergency is a matter of life or death – for all of us!

We now first need to heal ourselves, help others to heal themselves, and then do whatever it takes to help Gaia to heal.

The following is about what it takes to heal ourselves and then others, and…

…how you can help facilitate the process.

“How did you go bankrupt?”

“Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.”

– Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises

Now, the potential causes of our extinction (global warming) are accelerating so rapidly that we are shifting from…

…gradually, then suddenly!

We could reach irreversible tipping points

within one or more decades.

By then it will be too late to reverse.

Near term extinction will be inevitable.

Energy Healing

What can happen at an individual level can also happen to all of us. As an Energy Practitioner, I help individuals with cancer to heal themselves. Whatever the stage, I help them to reach Radical Remission. That is, being totally free of cancer. This is even when the doctors tell them that they only have weeks to live and are recommending that they put their affairs in order and prepare for the end. That’s at the individual level.

At our collective level of humanity, this is currently our story:

Gaia Has Cancer

Gaia has cancer.

Gaia has Stage 4 cancer.

Gaia is going to die.

We humans are Gaia’s cancer cells.

We are going to die.

We are all going to die.

Gaia Has Options

  • Gaia can save herself by wiping us out – NOW!; or
  • Gaia can just give up and die; or
  • We can wake up, heal ourselves, and save Gaia.

So, how Do We Heal Ourselves and Then Gaia?

12 Steps to Heaven on Earth

Right now, we may still have enough time. This is the overview of a 12 step plan to

  • Radically transform ourselves
  • Reverse climate change
  • Change our lifestyles and our relationships
  • Create Heaven on Earth.

These can be summarized as follows:


Where are you?

What step have you reached on this journey?

Where are you in relation to this statement?


The following steps are a progressive journey responding to the near term existential threat of our impending collapse, catastrophe and extinction.

It’s a journey of healing, transformation, redemption and salvation taking us to a harmonious relationship with each other and with the rest of life on this planet.

This journey is based on a simple premise articulated by Albert Einstein:

Climate emergency is no ordinary problem!

We know the problem. Now the question is:

How are we able to shift our consciousness collectively in order to solve the problem?

These Twelve Steps are the solution provided we all commit to take ALL these steps.

The Twelve Steps

Simple Overview

Heal Myself

    1. Fear – Climate Trauma
    2. Denial
    3. Anger
    4. Bargaining
    5. Depression
    6. Acceptance of Near Term Human Extinction – Grief for humanity and GAIA; Forgiveness; Compassion
    7. Deep Acceptance – Unconditional Love
    8. Radical Acceptance – Open to Infinite Possibility and Individual and Collective Healing

Help Others

    1. Radical Inner Transformation – Joy, Peace, Harmony, Bliss, Health and Happiness
    2. Radical Collective Remission – Healing our Collective Core Wound

Save Gaia

    1. Radical Outer Transformation – Cutting and capturing carbon emissions; Changing our lifestyle; Changing our relationships
    2. Heaven on Earth – Living harmoniously with each other and with the planet in the most beautiful of all possible worlds.


Next Steps

Thank You!

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