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Extinction or Heaven on Earth?

Twelve Steps to Heaven on Earth

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We know the problem. Now the question is:

How are we able to shift our consciousness collectively in order to solve the problem?

These Twelve Steps are the solution provided we all commit to take ALL these steps.

The Twelve Steps – Expanded Version

Heal Myself

    1. Fear – Climate Trauma

 Most of us are primarily energetically disconnected in Separation Consciousness. What holds us in Separation Consciousness is our Core Wound. As a result we are primarily driven by Fear.

The prospect of our Near Term Extinction is so frightening, eco-psychologists have named it Climate Trauma. Zhiwa Woodbury writes:

The disarmingly innocuous term “climate change” expresses a psychosocial defense mechanism that prompts us to recoil when we consider the implications of climate science. When viewed honestly through the lens of traumatology, this deepening existential crisis presents an entirely new, unprecedented, and higher-order category of trauma: Climate Trauma.

What is unique about this category of trauma is that it is an ever-present, ever-growing threat to the biosphere, one that calls into question our shared identity: What does it mean to be “human” in the Anthropocene? Because it is superordinate, Climate Trauma is continually triggering all past traumas—personal, cultural, and intergenerational—and will continue to do so until such time as it is acknowledged.

Climate Trauma provides the missing narrative explaining our dissociated unresponsiveness to the climate crisis, and suggests an alternative approach to effecting the kind of fundamental societal change needed to remedy our collective dissociation. The first steps toward effecting this kind of ambitious sociocultural change are naming the disorder and reforming the taxonomy of psychological trauma.

    1. Denial

Extreme Fear leads to Denial. Right now, the vast majority of humanity (perhaps 98%) are either ignorant or in denial. It’s business-as-usual. Denial is a normal response to deep underlying fear of a potentially life-threatening situation.

Those that are no longer in Denial are at various stages along a path of recognition and action. This amounts to possibly 150 million individuals worldwide, all coming out of denial. They are focusing on one of four main response strategies:

      • Rebellion
      • Mitigation
      • Deep Adaptation
      • Radical Transformation
    1. Anger

When we first start coming out of Denial, we are likely to become angry. It is easy to blame and judge others. We might call it Sacred Anger. We might become activists and join a protest group, for example, Extinction Rebellion; School Children protesting in the streets; Greta Thunberg.

This helps to wake us up, but it does not solve the problem.

    1. Bargaining

We look at the practical and technical ways of fixing the problem, finding it difficult to believe that our Short Term Human Extinction is inevitable.

These include reducing and capturing carbon emissions; geo-engineering; changing the world and others from the outside. Especially: the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) and multiple environmental groups, including Green Peace, Friends of the Earth, Project Drawdown and Healthy Climate Alliance.

    1. Depression

We are beginning to give up. There is nothing we can do to save the situation. We fall into a deep depression. We are beginning to accept that we are heading towards extinction, although still not inevitable. Preparing to live accordingly. Focused on enabling readiness for likely societal collapse. Regenerative agriculture. Regenerative culture. Preppers. Especially Jem Bendell, Catherine Ingram, Dahr Jamail.

Once we are through this stage, we are beginning to get more clarity.

    1. Acceptance of Near Term Human Extinction

Finally, we come out of our Depression and truly accept that we are headed towards Near Term Human Extinction. We are all going to die, possibly sooner rather than later. That’s how it is. It’s OK.

We come out of our Denial. We have let go our Anger. We have stopped Bargaining.  We have come out of our Depression.

We have let go of all hope. We accept that we are going to die. We are now ready to grieve. We deeply feel the pain of our individual and collective loss – the loss of our children, the loss of our grandchildren, the loss of future generations, the loss of all life on the planet, the loss of Gaia.

We deeply feel the pain. We lean into the pain. We get energetically connected in Unified Consciousness. We gradually surrender into the Infinite. We release and let go. We release the Grief.

We are now open to Forgiveness for ourselves and others. We are ready to feel Compassion for our own pain and for our collective pain. We have reached first stage of Acceptance.

Now the journey continues…

    1. Deep Acceptance

Now that we have grieved and accepted, we are ready for the next stage: Deep Acceptance.

We have totally let go our Fear.

We have grieved and totally let go

We have truly surrendered into the Infinite.

We have become One with the Infinite Healing Power of the Infinite Love and with the Infinite Light of Source.

We have become One with Source.

We have reached the level of Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love for ourselves. Unconditional Love for Gaia. Unconditional Love for the Universe.

We are reaching towards Infinite Love.

    1. Radical Acceptance

In Acceptance, we gave up all hope. Near term human extinction was inevitable. Everything pointed towards it. We accepted it. We grieved. We forgave. We felt deep compassion.

Now, in Radical Acceptance, even though all the odds are stacked against us, we are open to Infinite Possibility.

Maybe, there is a way. Maybe, there is something else. We are totally open. We are no longer stuck.

Help Others

    1. Radical Inner Transformation

We are now shifting from Radical Acceptance to Radical Transformation.

Near term human extinction is no longer inevitable.

That is,  provided that we – all of humanity – can-experience a profound COLLECTIVE INNER TRANSFORMATION.

This is so that we can all work together with a single purpose and plan to

      • reduce and capture carbon emissions
      • radically change our lifestyles; and
      • radically transform the way we relate with each other and with the planet.

We are now open to the possibility that

      • The process for healing ourselves is easy, simple, quick, effective, safe, and universal. Anybody can do it.
      • We are open to the Great Awakening and the Radical Transformation and the Radical Remission of Humanity.
      • We can Radically Transform ourselves within the next few years, in time to make all the necessary outer changes.
      • We can initiate a harmonious transition to a sustainable low carbon ecological civilization; thereby
      • Creating Heaven on Earth for ourselves and for all of life on the planet.
    1. Radical Collective Remission

For roughly two million years our Homo species lived our lives in Unified Consciousness. We were a naked ape. We struggled to survive. Some 70,000 years ago, we were almost wiped out in a period of severe global cooling. Sometime after that we received the gift of language. We were able to think and communicate in symbolic language. We shifted out of Unified Consciousness into Separation Consciousness.

This has enabled us now to become Masters of the Universe. However, as a result of our Separation Consciousness we have now created a situation that is destroying us – global warming. What holds us in Separation Consciousness is our Core Wounding. This is our deeply suppressed Fear, Guilt, Shame and Grief. Being wounded, we can never be truly happy. We can never be truly in harmony with ourselves and with the world.

We became a fearful and wounded naked ape.

Now, if we wish to survive the existential threat of climate change and transition to a long term harmonious relationship with each other and with the planet, we have to heal both our individual and our collective Core Wound.

This sounds difficult, if not totally impossible. However, the processes for clearing the blocks and healing the wounds that we created through being in Separation Consciousness are really simple. They are quick, effective, safe, and universal. Anyone can apply them. The practices for embedding, integrating and sustaining the processes are also very simple and easy, although it helps when we have support.

So, experiencing Radical Inner Transformation is not difficult. Healing our Core Wound is not difficult. Helping everyone on the planet to go through this process is not difficult. All we have to do is to choose to do it.

We need to become a loving and healed naked ape.

Save Gaia

    1. Radical Outer Transformation

Having experienced inner transformation, we now have the possibility of solving the collective life-threatening problem of Short Term Human Extinction.

We are now open to the possibility that, together, we can reverse and capture carbon emissions;

We can radically change our lifestyles;

We can radically change our relationships with each other and with the planet;

We can do all of this – together as One;

We can do this in time;

We can totally heal ourselves and save Gaia.

    1. Heaven on Earth

This is where we are able to live harmoniously with each other and with the planet in the most beautiful of all possible worlds.

All the means for the above are available to us – NOW!

What remains is just a matter of choice: SHIFT or DIE!


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