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Freedom Within is a practical guide on how we can co-create the most beautiful of all possible worlds simply by changing ourselves. In other words... triggering the QUANTUM SHIFT in individual and collective consciousness.

Quantum Shift Facilitator Training

Co-creating Heaven on Earth

Change Myself – Help Others – Save Gaia


Humanity currently faces a near term climate emergency.

This poses an existential threat to most, if not all of life on the planet.

This is being triggered by rapidly accelerating global warming.

We humans are responsible.



the greater the threat, the greater the opportunity!

The threat affects all of us.

The threat is the greatest ever challenge to humanity and life on earth.

Unless we radically change now, in a few decades we will cease to exist.


  • We all have to wake up
  • All come together united as one
  • Reverse, capture, and store carbon emissions
  • Radically transform our lifestyles; and
  • Radically transform our relationships with each other and with the planet.

In order to achieve the above, we first need to change ourselves. This entails Radical Inner TransformationClearing Our Blocks and Healing Our Core Wound.

Having healed ourselves, we are now ready to help others. We are ready for

Facilitated Self-organizing Teams


The structure of the training program is a facilitated self-organizing team, where the participants all share common goals and mutually support each other, with the help of a facilitator, to achieve their goals.

The maximum size of the team is 12 members (excluding the facilitator). The minimum term for participants is two months.

The format consists of a combination of weekly online one-to-one and group sessions.

The training process is essentially created within the facilitated group to enable the team to work together to realize the common goals. In other words, within our common goals, we address the question: what are our specific goals, and what do we need to do together in order to achieve them?

Common Goals

Our shared goals are to support each other to:

  • Raise our individual energy frequency to the highest possible levels (1000 and Above leading to Infinity).
  • Exercise and test our group transformational powers to create harmony through intentional morphic and telepathic resonance (with special focus on leaders) at the level of friends, family, and work; neighbours and communities, both national and global.
  • Explore ways of communicating the need for the quantum shift and how to activate participation.
  • Each creates their first facilitated group (either generic or in a specific niche area of personal transformation, health, social welfare, or education).
  • Earn a living through facilitating multiple groups.
  • Earn additional income and capital to support the creation of local regenerative communities.

In each of the above, shared roles and tasks include:

  • Refining and documenting the processes for achieving these levels.
  • Testing and documenting the easiest and most effective practices.
  • Providing a resource map and toolkit for subsequent teams.

Subsequent teams are ones that arise as a result of your own development and facilitation.


The Program…

The underlying assumptions behind this program are that…

  • Over thousands of years, humans have become progressively more disconnected.
  • We have now become chronically disconnected, affecting our health, happiness, and possibly, survival.
  • We need to re-discover what it is to be connected.
  • When we are connected we can shift from Fear to Love.
  • We need to learn how to cycle between these two dimensions – Disconnection and Connection.
  • We are then able to experience Love, Joy, Harmony, Health, and Abundance – within ourselves and in all our relationships.

This the third module of a three-stage program:

Clear Your Blocks – directly experience how when you shift from disconnection to connection, it is really easy to clear your lifetime blocks – two hours one-to-one with Facilitator.

Heal Your Core Wound – fully embed, integrate, and sustain the shift experienced in clearing your blocks – two months of online group and one-to-one sessions with a Facilitator.

Facilitator Training – two months of online group work and one-to-one sessions with a Facilitator.

You need to have completed both Clearing Your Blocks and Healing Your Core Wound before starting the Facilitator Training.

Facilitator Training…

Number of Participants in Each Group

Ideally, a group consists of a maximum of twelve participants with a Facilitator.

The Process

The Facilitator Training entails an ongoing practice of

  • Sustaining your clearing and expansion of consciousness
  • Clearing the collective field of specific chosen groups, including
    • Family
    • Community
    • Organizations
    • Networks
  • Preparing to start your own group(s).

You are expected to integrate the practices that you learn into your everyday life and daily practices (meditation, yoga, exercise, etc.).

Over the two months period, you are expected to make a commitment to around 15 hours of one-to-ones and 12 hours of main group work.

Clearing the Collective Field

Based on the Hawkins Scale, our goal is to raise the whole of humanity from the current level of Fear to the level of Love and Above.

The Hawkins Scale is a log scale of 1 – 1000. 1000 represents Buddha/Christ consciousness. Hawkins considered this to be the highest possible level of consciousness. However, we have found that it is possible to expand to Infinity. This represents the infinite potential for expansion.

The process for reaching this level is not difficult, provided that the intention is there. Ideally, each member of the facilitated group calibrates at Infinity on the Hawkins Scale.

This means that a full group has considerable power to change the level of a targeted field. While we cannot change an individual, what we can do is to change the field in which an individual is operating.

At Infinity, the exponential power is a factor of 10. So, with twelve individuals plus the Facilitator, all calibrating at Infinity, the exponential power is one trillion. In other words, thirteen individuals at Infinity, sharing the same intention, have the exponential equivalent of one trillion individuals rather than the sum of the group, which amounts to thirteen. One trillion times more powerful than 1 + 1 + 1, etc. = 13!

I repeat: we cannot change an individual, but we can change the field. In science, this is known as changing the morphic field. When the field changes, individuals in that field with a shared intention can then shift accordingly.

With 99% of humanity calibrating below the level of Love and only 1% of humanity calibrating above the level of Love, the challenge for the vast majority of humanity to make this shift is enormous.

When Hawkins started his project in 1975, collective consciousness calibrated at 190. Anything below 200 is considered dangerous in the event that we face a collective crisis. By 1995, when Hawkins published his book “Power vs. Force”, he reckoned that collective consciousness had risen to 207. This is above 200. Hawkins was delighted.

When we tested this in 2012, we were calibrating collectively at 235. This was even more encouraging.

But in 2014, it started to fall. It fell back to 230. It continued to fall. Today collective consciousness calibrates at 160, considerably lower than when Hawkins started his work.

Humanity has been in a downward spiral. Now, unless we choose to change this, the future for humanity is looking very grim.

If we could raise our collective consciousness to Love and Above (over 500 on the Hawkins Scale), we really could

co-create Heaven on Earth.

What You Need…

The process is conducted live online using Skype, Zoom, or similar. Essential requirements include:

Good quality Internet, especially video.

Are You Ready To Help Trigger the Quantum Shift?

In this project, there are benefits for ourselves and benefits for the wider community. There is also the possibility to enjoy these benefits, and through sharing them, earn a decent living.

Our organizational model is a collaborative social enterprise, which we share with our local and global communities.


Ready Now?…

The pricing for this eight-week program is £247 (US$340, Euros289). We are offering one person per group for FREE, if you really cannot afford a dime!

The Immediate Aim…

To attract 200 participants over two years. With a maximum of 12 participants per group, this amounts to some 17 – 20 separate groups. If each member of the group goes on to create the same number of groups, the network will expand rapidly and exponentially.


This is a two months program consisting of

  • eight weekly group sessions (90 minutes)
  • eight weekly one-to-one sessions with other members of the group (90 minutes)
  • Two one-to-one sessions with the Facilitator (90 minutes).

Single Payment

Two Monthly Payments


If you are unemployed or financially stressed and you cannot afford to pay, you can apply to join for FREE. You will receive the same service as anyone else. You can apply by scheduling your initial chat here:

Thank You!

Download Free eBook as PDF

Freedom Within is a practical guide on how we can co-create the most beautiful of all possible worlds simply by changing ourselves. In other words... triggering the QUANTUM SHIFT in individual and collective consciousness.