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Freedom Within is a practical guide on how we can co-create the most beautiful of all possible worlds simply by changing ourselves. In other words... triggering the QUANTUM SHIFT in individual and collective consciousness.


Transcend and Include Both Separation and Unified Consciousness

Totally Let Go Whatever Holds You Back Through Being Disconnected

Be Constantly in the Flow

Experience Love, Joy, Health, and Abundance.

Our Core Wound

Our individual and collective Core Wound is something that we very rarely talk about.

Our Core Wound is the result of early childhood emotional pain.

For each of us, our Core Wound has been our most valuable asset. It has…

  • determined who we are
  • how we think, feel, believe and relate
  • how we have either succeeded or failed in the world
  • whom we are attracted to and whom we marry; and
  • who are our friends and who are our enemies.

We can go so far as to say: “I AM my Core Wound”.

Our Core Wound is probably the most important thing in our lives, because it totally shapes who we are and how we live. It is so important.

However, it is the one thing that we know virtually nothing about. Most of us do not even recognize that we have a Core Wound. The most important thing in our lives is also the biggest unknown.

Our Wound comes from our repressed Fear, Guilt, Shame, Grief, Bitterness, Resentment, Anger, and other similar emotions.

It arises from the pain we have experienced in our lives and the way in which we have responded to that pain.

Instead of feeling it, processing it, and letting it go, we have pushed the pain deep down into our subconscious. We have suppressed and repressed the pain.

We all do it. It’s a process that defines our global civilization. It defines our humanity. However…

what has been our greatest asset for thousands of years now threatens to destroy us.

If we hang onto our Core Wound, both individually and collectively, we will be unable to respond effectively to the greatest challenge of all time, namely

climate change.



We cannot solve the problems which we have created in our current consciousness by staying in the same consciousness.

We cannot resolve the accelerating existential threat of climate change without radically changing how we think, feel, believe, and relate.

It’s Easy to Let Go…

Our deep-seated belief is that our Core Wound is an integral part of being human. It is Adam’s curse. It is Original Sin. We are born with it. It is who we are.

However, it really is not an essential part of who we are. When we hold the intention to totally let go and heal our Core Wound, it is really easy!

Humanity’s survival now depends on our being able to choose to let go…NOW! and to radically transform both our individual and collective consciousness.

This is a pre-requisite for our being able to

  • wake up
  • come together as one
  • reverse, capture and store carbon emissions; and
  • radically transform our lifestyles and our relationships with each other and with the planet.

Disconnected in Separation Consciousness

This describes how most of us are right now.

Possibly since the birth of language some 50,000 years ago, our species has become progressively more disconnected from the Universal Life Force, from being directly energetically connected with what is.

Prior to language, we were in the Garden of Eden. We were in Unified Consciousness. Then, with the birth of language, we ate from the Tree of Knowledge. From that moment, we were cast out of the Garden of Eden.

We were in Separation Consciousness.


We are all born connected, but very early in life we become disconnected. We become like our parents. We shift from being in Unified Consciousness to being in Separation Consciousness.

Now, being disconnected is normal. Everyone is disconnected. So we do not recognize our own disconnection.

The Primary Causes of Disconnection…

  • Thinking and speaking in symbolic language.
  • Experiencing emotional pain such as Fear, Guilt, Shame, Grief, and Anger, and repressing these feelings instead of feeling them, processing, and then letting go.
  • Thereby creating our Core Wounding, which holds us in disconnection.


Thinking Disconnects

  • “I think, therefore I am…disconnected.”
  • “In the beginning was Connection. The Word was Disconnection.”
  • “The name that can be named is not the enduring and unchanging name.”

When we celebrate our ability to think, we are celebrating our ability to be energetically disconnected.

Any thought disconnects us from being in direct experience of the world.

Early Core Wounding


  • What holds us in disconnection is our early life Core Wounding.
  • Instead of allowing this wounding to heal, we bury it deep in our subconscious.
  • This takes the form of contracted and blocked energy.
  • This blocked energy defines our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.
  • These in turn shape our habits, conditioning, behaviour patterns, and addictions.
  • What we attract in life is determined by the nature of our wounds.

We rarely appreciate the extent to which we have become prisoners of our early Core Wounding.

Fear (and similar emotions)

  • When we are disconnected we experience resistance.
  • Resistance is pain, flow is bliss.
  • Resistance activates the fight-or-flight response.
  • Fight-or-flight creates Fear.
  • Fear has multiple expressions.
  • Thinking fearful thoughts creates the feeling of Fear, which further stimulates fearful thoughts.
  • Together these feed into limiting beliefs about ourselves.
  • We become trapped in an endless vicious circle.
  • We feel alienated in a disconnected world of separation.


Most of us are now so disconnected that we are stuck in this one dimension.

Being disconnected AND stuck are the root causes of most of our issues…

Being stuck in either dimension creates an imbalance in our lives…

This causes most of our limitations, stress,  ill-health and unhappiness.



This describes how we are when energetically connected with the Universal Life Force.

It is a state of being beyond language. It cannot be described. The main elements are:

We were born connected…

    • …, but by the time we learned how to think and speak in language, we became disconnected.

It is really easy to be connected…

    • Over thousands of years we have developed spiritual practices that teach us how to be connected.
    • These include prayer, meditation, yoga, tai chi, qigong, and many others.
    • These traditional practices are slow and take forever.


    • …it is really easy to discover what we knew when we were born.

With simple and easy practices…

    • …we can transcend and include both Separation and Unified Consciousness in order to resolve resistance moment-by-moment in order to be constantly in harmony, in bliss, and in the flow.

This is the magic…

  • When we are connected, it is really easy to let go of our blocks and our Core Wounds.
  • It is then really easy to bring our lives into harmony.
  • When we are in harmony, we are moved by Love.
  • There is no separation between You and Me, Them and Us, the Universal Life Force.
  • We stand fully in our own power and in the power of the higher entities.

We are able to shift totally…

…from Fear to Love!

Clearing Our Blocks is Easy…it only takes a couple of hours!!!

…totally healing our Core Wound takes a bit longer. It takes a few months of practice, but not a lifetime!

Having initially cleared our blocks, and having experienced a significant expansion of consciousness as measured on the Infinity Scale, the next steps are to ensure that we have been able to

  • Reach Infinity on this Scale; and
  • To have totally embedded, integrated, and sustained the shift.

Totally Healing Our Core Wound entails…

  • First Clearing our Blocks.


  • Changing the way we think, feel, believe and relate.


  • Learning how to transcend and include both Separation and Unified Consciousness in order to be continually in harmony and in the flow.

Facilitated Online Group

The purpose of this module is to help you to totally heal your Core Wound and to sustain the clearing you experienced at the highest possible level.

This entails identifying and then clearing (or transforming) the negative patterns and processes in your life that have contributed to your Core Wound.

These are patterns of how you think, feel, believe, and relate.

The process for doing this is to join a facilitated online group for eight weeks. This entails the following 90-minute one-to-one and group sessions:

  • Weekly group sessions with a group Facilitator
  • Weekly one-to-one sessions with other members of the group
  • One one-to-one session with the group Facilitator

The intention is to learn a moment-by-moment practice, that enables us to resolve resistance as it arises and to be constantly harmonious and in the flow. Within the group, we are all supporting each other in this process.

Meeting Structure

The weekly group sessions include:

  • Practices for connection and expansion of consciousness
  • Developing the moment-by-moment clearing process
  • Group clearing
  • Discussion
  • Support

The weekly one-to-one sessions with another member of the group entail mutual support including

  • Testing to ensure that all blocks are clear
  • Clearing any that have become blocked again
  • Help in identifying and clearing deeper subconscious issues.

Ready Now?…

This is a summary of the benefits. By joining Heal Your Core Wound now, you are

  • focusing on totally healing your Core Wound
  • learning how to practice – moment-by-moment – how to stay healed
  • learning how to transcend and include being in both Separation and Unified Consciousness in order to be constantly in harmony and in the flow
  • creating the possibility of earning a very substantial income, which will be required for changing your lifestyles and helping others; and, most importantly,
  • helping to save Gaia.

OK, so, when you’re ready, you can register to join below:


This is an eight-week program consisting of

  • eight weekly group sessions (90 minutes)
  • eight weekly one-to-one sessions with other members of the group (90 minutes)
  • Two one-to-one sessions with the Facilitator (90 minutes).

Single Payment


Two Monthly Payments


If you are unemployed or financially stressed and you cannot afford pay, you can apply to join for FREE. You will receive the same service as anyone else. You can apply by scheduling your initial chat here:

Thank You!

Download Free eBook as PDF

Freedom Within is a practical guide on how we can co-create the most beautiful of all possible worlds simply by changing ourselves. In other words... triggering the QUANTUM SHIFT in individual and collective consciousness.