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Freedom Within is a practical guide on how we can co-create the most beautiful of all possible worlds simply by changing ourselves. In other words... triggering the QUANTUM SHIFT in individual and collective consciousness.



The transformation of human consciousness is a necessity…    Eckhardt Tolle

We can influence other people by morphic resonance…    Rupert Sheldrake

One enlightened individual counterbalances tens of millions…    Dr David Hawkins

The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world

are the ones that do…    Steve Jobs

I cannot change others, but I can change myself.

When I change myself, the world changes…

Quantum Shift Facilitator Training

This is a six month online facilitated program for a team of up to 12 participants.

Our purpose is to help facilitate the quantum shift in individual and collective consciousness. This entails shifting collectively from the level of Fear to the level of Love.

The timeframe for this shift is five years. In other words, by 2022.

The main purpose is to learn how to exponentially increase your Power in order to help facilitate humanity’s transition into a more harmonious relationship with each other and the planet.

We cannot change the world by Force. But we can change the world through Power. To reach the required level of Power, we need at least 200 committed individuals in the program – AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

The purpose of the program is to help you to


When we are disconnected from the Universal Life Force,

we are driven by Fear…

From Fear…


This image is a simplification of Dr David Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness. His scale is a log scale of 1 – 1000, where 1000 is the highest level of consciousness we have known (Buddha/Christ). All levels of psycho-emotional states below 1000 are calibrated on his scale using Applied Kinesiology. You can purchase a copy of the map here.

On this scale, humanity collectively calibrates at around 200. This is the level of Fear and Above. (Fear calibrates at 100 on the Scale). It has taken humanity an age to get to this point. In our progress,  we have made massive advances in science and technology. However, regarding our expansion of consciousness, progress has been much slower. We are energetically disconnected and still driven by Fear!

Power vs Force…

In our current state of disconnection, whenever we are faced with a crisis, our last resort is the use of Force. If we get into another global conflict, the use of Force against Force could be fatal. At the same time, the threats that are now looming – environmental, social, political, and health – cannot easily be resolved at the level of consciousness in which they have been created – not even with our brilliant technology!

We cannot carry on business-as-usual. One example is the fossil-fuel industry. If we extracted and consumed all the proven reserves of oil, gas and coal, we would produce five times more CO2 than is currently available to keep global warming below an increase of 2 degrees Celsius. The value of these stranded reserves amounts to almost half of global GDP. We cannot use Force to stop the fossil-fuel industry. But we can use Power to help re-align our priorities.

But we can only use Power when we learn how to be connected. So, this is the bottom line: our being stuck in disconnection now poses an existential threat. Our primary collective need…RIGHT NOW, is…

to get unstuck, re-connect and shift to a higher level.

…To Love

To get beyond Fear, we need to shift to the level of Love.

This is a leap of 300 points on the Hawkins scale. From 200 to 500.

This is unprecedented. It represents a massive and instant transformation.

We could evolve slowly, or we could make the quantum shift.

With a convergence of existential crises, making the quantum shift is the obvious choice.


We need to shift!

We need to transform Fear into Love!

Is There A Way?


Based on the Hawkins model

  • 99% of humanity are below the level of Love (500)
  • 1% of humanity are at Love and Above (500+)
  • 99% of humanity are more or less disconnected.
  • 1% of humanity are more or less connected.

The quantum shift entails all of humanity

  • rising to Love and Above
  • re-connecting.

This is the greatest collective project humanity has ever undertaken. We need to now focus all our energies in ensuring that the project is a success.

While a few of us may see the need to shift, do even a few of us want to? If we wanted to, can we believe that it is even possible on a collective scale? How can we make it desirable, believable and possible? Is there a way?

YES! there is a way and it only takes 200!

Two Hundred Monkeys…


We now know that…

  • One individual at a very high level of consciousness counterbalances the consciousness of millions of other individuals.
  • When a few people make a quantum breakthrough in consciousness, through “energetic resonance”, when others understand the need for the quantum shift, and when they want to make the shift, they start experiencing the same breakthrough without needing to do all the work.
  • Once a critical mass of people achieve this breakthrough, then this triggers an energetic wave that permeates the whole field.

As with the story of the Hundred Monkeys, it only takes some 200 people at the highest possible level (Infinity on the Hawkins scale) to trigger the necessary breakthrough leading to a quantum shift in collective consciousness.

When we become fully connected with the Universal Life Force, it is really easy, quick, and safe to clear and resolve whatever is blocking us from truly experiencing Love, Joy, Health and Abundance.

If only we want to, it really is possible to create Heaven on Earth!


We have the processes…

We Know What It Takes…

Most significantly, we now know how to help individuals reach 1000 and Above and then Infinity. This does not take many life times as previously believed, but can be reached within hours and then permanently sustained within a few months of mutually supported practice.

Triggering the quantum shift is totally possible!

So, Are YOU One Of The Two Hundred Monkeys?

This facilitator training program is for you if you passionately believe that

  • Humanity now stands at a critical evolutionary turning point.
  • Not only do we have to change, but we need to change NOW.
  • When we change ourselves, the world changes accordingly.
  • We can change our “human nature”.
  • It only takes a very few conscious evolutionary change agents to trigger the shift.


Facilitated Self-organizing Teams


The structure of the training program is a facilitated self-organizing team, where the participants all share common goals and who mutually support each other, with the help of a facilitator, to achieve their goals.

The maximum size of the team is 12 members (excluding the facilitator). The minimum term for the team is 6 months.

The format consists of a combination of weekly online one-to-one and group sessions.

The training process is essentially created within the facilitated group to enable the team to work together to realize the common goals. In other words, within our common goals, we address the question: what are our specific goals and what do we need to do together in order to achieve them?

Common Goals

Our shared goals are to support each other to:

  • Raise our individual energy frequency to the highest possible levels (1000 and Above leading to Infinity).
  • Exercise and test our group transformational powers to create harmony through intentional morphic and telepathic resonance (with especial focus on leaders) at the level of friends, family and work; neighbours and community; and national and global.
  • Explore ways of communicating the need for the quantum shift and how to activate the want.
  • Each create our first facilitated group (either generic or in a specific niche area of personal transformation, health, social welfare or education).
  • Earn a living through facilitating multiple groups.

In each of the above, shared roles and tasks include:

  • Refining and documenting the processes for achieving these levels.
  • Testing and documenting the easiest and most effective practices.
  • Providing a resource map and toolkit for subsequent teams.

Subsequent teams are ones that arise as a result of your own development and facilitation.


The Program…

The underlying assumptions behind this program are that…

  • Over thousands of years, humans have become progressively more disconnected.
  • We have now become chronically disconnected, affecting our health, happiness, and possibly, survival.
  • We need to re-discover what it is to be connected.
  • When we are connected we can shift from Fear to Love.
  • When we understand how to cycle between these two dimensions – Disconnection and Connection – we are able to experience Love, Joy, Health and Abundance, within ourselves and in all our relationships.


There are two stages to this program:

Clear Your Blocks – directly experience how when you shift from disconnection to connection, it is really easy to clear your life time blocks.

Facilitator Training – six months of facilitated online group work.

The process of Clearing Your Blocks is included in the Facilitator Training.  This consists of a two hour one-to-one session with your facilitator, which can be done online via Skype or similar and with the help of a friendly partner. For more details see Clear Your Blocks.

Facilitator Training…

Having experienced clearing your blocks, the next stage in terms of personal development is integration. This entails an ongoing practice of reviewing your

  • Thoughts, feelings and beliefs
  • Habits, conditioning, behaviour patterns and addictions
  • Danger zones (situations in which you are liable to be triggered)
  • Unmet Needs (deep, mostly unconscious needs that are never met).

This process is supported through

  • The creation of an Energy Map (this is a free online tool that helps you to map the resistance and flow in any area of your Energy Field, including past and present).
  • Weekly 90 minute one-to-ones with one of your fellow team participants.
  • Weekly 90 minute facilitated group sessions.


You are expected to integrate the practices that you learn into your everyday life and daily practices (meditation, yoga, exercise, etc.)

Over the six month period, you are expected to make a commitment to around 40 hours of one-to-ones (or small groups) and 40 hours of main group work.

What You Need…

The process is conducted live online using Skype and web conferencing. Essential requirements include

Good quality Internet, especially video.

Are You Ready To Help Trigger the Quantum Shift?

In this project there are benefits for ourselves and benefits for the wider community. There is also the possibility to enjoy these benefits, and through sharing them, earn a decent living. While the greater benefits may be for others, we are not exactly a charity. Rather, a collaborative social enterprise.


Ready Now?…

OK, so there are six schemes for registering, depending on affordability; and for FREE if you really cannot afford a dime!

In terms of pricing and revenue generation, the intention is to explore a combination of individual contributions and crowdfunding. The main purpose of the crowdfunding is to engage a wider audience in the process. Also perhaps to calibrate our activities according to the feedback and response that we receive from this source.

The Immediate Aim…

To attract 200 participants over two years. With a maximum of 12 participants per group, this amounts to some 17 – 20 separate groups.

Pricing Schemes

To make this available for anyone, there are six alternative pricing schemes, depending on affordability. You can also participate for FREE, if you really cannot afford anything!

Qualifying for any of the above schemes requires an initial exploratory chat with Michael Wolff. You can schedule your initial chat here:

In deciding which option to choose, please consider at what price you want to offer the service when you qualify as a Facilitator. Bear in mind that we are operating a network marketing model, which runs to five levels.


Option 1 – Full payment upfront – £1,600 (c. US$2,080, €1,760)Option1Option 2 – Six monthly payments – £280 per month (c. US$364, €308)Option2


Option 1 – Full payment upfront – £800 (c. US$1,040, €880)

Option1Option 2 – Six monthly payments – £140 per month (c. US$182, €154)



Option 1 – Full payment upfront – £400 (c. US$520, €440)

Option1Option 2 – Six monthly payments – £70 per month (c. US$91, €77)



Option 1 – Full payment upfront – £200 (c. US$260, €220)

Option1Option 2 – Six monthly payments – £35 per month (c. US$45.50, €38.50)



Option 1 – Full payment upfront – £100 (c. US$130, €110)

Option1Option 2 – Six monthly payments – £17.50 per month (c. US$22.75, €19.25)



Option 1 – Full payment upfront – £50 (c. US$65, €55)Option1Option 2 – Six monthly payments – £10 per month (c. US$13, €11)Option2


If you really cannot afford any of the above options, you can apply to join for FREE. You will receive the same service as anyone else. You can apply by scheduling your initial chat here:

Thank You!

Download Free eBook as PDF

Freedom Within is a practical guide on how we can co-create the most beautiful of all possible worlds simply by changing ourselves. In other words... triggering the QUANTUM SHIFT in individual and collective consciousness.