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Freedom Within is a practical guide on how we can co-create the most beautiful of all possible worlds simply by changing ourselves. In other words... triggering the QUANTUM SHIFT in individual and collective consciousness.


Connect with the Universal Life Force

Let Go Whatever Holds You Back Through Being Disconnected

Experience Love, Joy, Health and Abundance.

Are You Ready To…

  • Make a real quantum shift in your life?
  • Heal the deep causes for whatever is holding you back?
  • Learn some really easy practices to sustain your breakthrough?
  • Fully experience Love, Joy, Health and Abundance?
  • Help your family, friends, community to share your experience?

What I’m offering…

The chance to

  • Completely change how you experience life
  • Find true happiness
  • Help others to do the same.

Who Is This For…?

This radical clearing session is for you if you passionately believe in the need for both the individual and collective quantum shift, and to be the “change you want to see in the world”.

The next step is to integrate this learning into your life. You can then either continue on your own, or join our Facilitator Program.


I Share The Same Passions…


In my late thirties I had a midlife crisis. My wife recommended I try a martial art (Aikido). Aikido is about resolving conflicts harmoniously through being connected.


I asked my teacher why he did what he did. His answer: Self-Realization. I didn’t understand what he meant, but from that moment I was hooked. Whatever it was, I wanted it.

Thirty five years later and after thousands of hours of practice, I was getting nearer. I was changing. But something was always stopping me. What was missing?

Once I asked the question,

the answers started coming …

…first slowly…

then in a torrent.

The Simple Answer…

…I Had Been Working From The Outside/In.

I had started by clearing the outer layers.

Peeling away one layer at a time.

Eventually I would reach my Core Wound.

I would finally heal my Core Wound.

Then I would realize my true nature.

I would be at the end of my journey.

How many years of practice would that take?


Working from the Inside/Out…So what if I reversed the process?


What if I worked from the inside/out?

What if I started by healing my Core Wound first?

Would it then be easier to change the habits, the behaviour patterns, the conditioning, the addictions that had become part of me as a result of my original Core Wound?

The answer came and I was dumbstruck.

What had taken me thirty five years to learn, and still not getting there…

…I could have done effortlessly…in a few months.

How could I teach others…?

The next issue was learning how I could teach others.

How could I help them to make the quantum leap in their own journey of Self-Realization.

My big breakthrough came when I discovered that  it all comes down to understanding the simple interplay between two fundamental dimensions of being:

Disconnected – seeing yourself and everything in the world as being energetically separated from the Universal Life Force.

Connected – seeing yourself and everything in the world as being energetically unified with the Universal Life Foce.



This describes how most of us are right now.

Possibly since the beginning of language some 50,000 years ago, our species has become progressively more disconnected from the Universal Life Force.


We are all born connected, but very early in life we become disconnected.

Being disconnected is normal. So we do not recognize our own disconnection.

The Primary Causes of Disconnection…

  • Thinking.
  • Holding onto early Core Wounding.
  • Fear (and similar emotions such as guilt, shame, grief, anger).


Thinking Disconnects

  • “I think, therefore I am…disconnected.”
  • “In the beginning was Connection. The Word was Disconnection.”
  • “The name that can be named is not the enduring and unchanging name.”
  • Any thought disconnects us from being in direct experience.

When we celebrate our ability to think, we are celebrating our ability to be disconnected.

Early Core Wounding


  • What holds us in disconnection is our early life Core Wounding.
  • Instead of allowing this wounding to heal, we bury it deep in our subconscious.
  • This takes the form of contracted and blocked energy.
  • This blocked energy defines our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.
  • These in turn shape our habits, conditioning, behaviour patterns and addictions.
  • What we attract in life is determined by the nature of our wounds.

We rarely appreciate the extent to which we have become prisoners of our early Core Wounds.

Fear (and similar emotions)


  • When we are disconnected we experience resistance.
  • Resistance is pain, flow is bliss.
  • Resistance activates the fight-or-flight response.
  • Fight-or-flight creates Fear.
  • Fear has multiple expressions.
  • Thinking fearful thoughts creates the feeling of Fear, which further stimulates fearful thoughts.
  • Together these feed into limiting beliefs about ourselves..
  • We become trapped in an endless vicious circle..
  • We feel alienated in a world of separation.

Most of us are now so disconnected that we are stuck in this one dimension.

Being disconnected AND stuck are the root causes of most of our issues…

Being stuck in either dimension creates an imbalance in our lives,

causing most of our limitations, stress,  ill-health and unhappiness.



This describes how we are when energetically connected with the Universal Life Force.

It is a state of being beyond language. It cannot be described. The main elements are:


  • It is really easy to be connected.
  • It can take an instant.
  • With simple and easy practices, we can stay connected; or be disconnected, as appropriate.
  • When we are connected, it is really easy to let go our blocks and our Core Wounds.
  • It is then really easy to bring our life into harmony.
  • When we are in harmony, we are moved by Love.
  • There is no separation between You and Me, Them and Us, the Universal Life Force.
  • We stand fully in our own Power.

Once connected,  we are energetically One with the Universal Life Force.

What You Can Expect…

In one single session you can expect to experience a quick, easy, painless, effective, and safe way to prepare yourself for a quantum shift in your life.

This first step enables you to let go your emotional blocks and to prepare yourself to energetically heal your Core Wound(s).

Once neutralized, any resistance that is preventing you from making the changes necessary to bringing your life into total harmony has been resolved.

You are then on a much easier path towards deeply experiencing Love, Joy, Health and Abundance.

The process

The process is conducted online. You will need to have a partner with you in the same room to test you from time to time under guidance.


In this session, I show you how to:

  • how to measure how harmonious you are generally in life on the Harmony Scale.
  • where you are now in terms of consciousness based on the Infinity Scale.
  • What it feels like to be in Separation Consciousness (that’s normal for pretty well everyone).
  • How, in Separation Consciousness, you have created blocks and a Core Wound, which is keeping you disconnected in Separation Consciousness.
  • Where you are holding these blocks and this wounding energetically in your body/mind, i.e. in your chakras.
  • How you are with respect to Self Acceptance, Compassion, Forgiveness, Unconditional Love and Gratitude.
  • How you are with respect to being totally open to both giving and receiving love.
  • What is your primary Core Wound and related to that, your primary Unmet Need.

Then, I show you how quick and easy it is to

  • Get connected into Unified Consciousness
  • Then, once connected in Unified Consciousness, how easy it is to let go of the blocks that you have created in Separation Consciousness; and
  • Then, as a result of the clearing, how far you have shifted on the Infinity Scale.

Then, I show you

  • How to understand your response patterns to pain and resistance in your life; and
  • How these have contributed to creating your blocks and sustaining your wounding.

Then, in order to embed, integrate and sustain this shift,

  • How to practice, moment by moment, by radically changing your response patterns to pain and resistance.

Ongoing Practice

This two hour process is just a preliminary.

It doesn’t mean that you have totally healed your Core Wound.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t continue to block yourself again, the next time you experience any pain or resistance in your life.

However what the process leads to is a combination of one-to-one and group support where you learn to totally transform your response patterns. This is so that you can embed, integrate and sustain the expansion of consciousness and so that you can be moment-by-moment in the flow.

In other words, resolving resistance and pain (however large or small) – moment-by-moment.

Exponential Transformation

What you experience in your individual healing is a process of Exponential Transformation. Having experienced the process, this might give you an insight as to how this could become the basis for helping humanity to make the collective Quantum Shift. This, in our view, is a prerequisite for both reversing the existential threat of climate change and transforming our lives accordingly.

The First Step Towards A Quantum Shift…

Clearing your blocks and healing your Core Wound(s) is the first big step in a four stage life-changing process. The other three steps include

Mapping your energy field to identify any residual areas of resistance in order to be be fully in the flow.

Joining a facilitated mutual support group in order to fully embed, integrate, and sustain all the changes.

Being trained as a Facilitator to help others to change their lives.

Learning how to support yourself financially in the process.


What You Need…

The process is conducted live online using Skype, Zoom or similar. Essential requirements include

Good quality Internet, especially video.

A sensitive partner in the same room as yourself who can test you under instruction.

The testing processes are variations of Applied Kinesiology (muscle-testing).

Previous experience is not essential, but would be a bonus.


Are You Ready To Release And Let Go Your Lifetime Blocks…?


Ready Now?…

OK, so these are the options for registering:

Pricing Levels

To make this available for anyone, whatever their financial circumstances,  there are five alternative pricing schemes. You can also participate for FREE, if you really cannot afford anything! Your choice!

Please note: the service is the same for each pricing level. We’re just asking you to attune to the pricing level you can afford and want to pay.

Quantum Shift Facilitators and  Referral Partners

In selecting your pricing level, we recommend that you first review the potential for future earnings, should you decide to become either a Quantum Shift Facilitator, or a Referral Partner.

PlatinumClearing for yourself, supported by your partner – Two Hours – £97 (c. US$126 or €107)

GoldClearing for yourself, supported by your partner – Two Hours – £67 (c. US$87 or €74)

SilverClearing for yourself, supported by your partner – Two Hours – £37 (c. US$48 or €41)

BronzeClearing for both you and your partner – Two Hours – £17 (c. US$22 or €19)


If you really cannot afford any of the above options, you can apply to have this session for FREE. You will receive the same service as anyone else. You can apply by scheduling your initial chat here:

Just to be clear: the process is the same regardless of which pricing level you choose. It’s up to you!

Thank You!

Download Free eBook as PDF

Freedom Within is a practical guide on how we can co-create the most beautiful of all possible worlds simply by changing ourselves. In other words... triggering the QUANTUM SHIFT in individual and collective consciousness.