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Great Financial Benefits

When you join our Affiliate Program you earn 20% on all the revenue generated directly from the contacts, whom you have referred to us by whatever means. You also earn 2% passive income on all the sales generated by your contacts’ customers, and a further 2% on all their customers, down to five levels.

In addition, for each qualified Quantum Shift Facilitator (see Overview), you have the right to subscribe for 20 x £1 Ordinary Shares. This may generate an eventual capital gain and dividends.


  • it’s free and easy to join
  • we provide online access to tools and resources
  • we have a sophisticated online reporting system
  • you can track your referrals and commissions at any time.

We’ll give you the links and copy you need in order to start promoting.

Monthly Payments via PayPal

You will receive your affiliate payment every month end via PayPal provided that you have generated a minimum of £100 in revenue share each month. Any commissions below that level will be carried over to the following month.

The process is extremely quick and simple and you’ll receive your affiliate link by email straight away, so you can get promoting!

We look forward to a great partnership with you.

Step 1: Fill out the form below.
Step 2: Check your inbox for instructions on how to access the Affiliate Resource Center.
Step 3: Use trackable links, banners, or emails provided in the Affiliate Resource Center.
Step 4: Start building your monthly income!


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