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Shift in Consciousness

Humanity is facing an imminent danger that is threatening our existence on this planet:
Irreversible Climate Change

This danger has been created by ourselves and in our current state of consciousness.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

We now face three survival  options:

  • Mitigation – limiting the damage to our current life style to the minimum.
  • Adaptation – changing our life styles to adapt to totally new circumstances.
  • Exponential Transformation – radically changing ourselves, our life styles and how we relate with each other and with the planet.

In our view, if we opt for either of the first two options, our extinction is inevitable – sooner rather than later.

Now, at this late stage in the game, the only chance of survival and long term thriving on the planet is the third option. We need to radically change ourselves so that we can come together united in order to reverse climate change and radically change our lifestyles and relationships. This is now an imperative for both our survival and long term thriving on this planet!

We are essentially driven by Fear

We need to shift from Fear to Love.

This entails a Quantum Shift.

We all need to change ourselves –


The “Google” of Quantum Consciousness

The threats are imminent. With climate, unless we take the necessary steps now, it will be too late.

We have to make the Quantum Shift within the next few years – by 2023 at the latest.

We have the processes to support any individual to make this Shift, provided that they choose to do so.

The Quantum Shift therefore is a choice.

Freedom Within supports that choice through a global collaborative enterprise. Freedom Within provides the infrastructure and the processes enabling individuals to express this choice.

What Google is to the Information Age, Freedom Within is to the emergent Age of Expanded Consciousness.

Early Adopters Triggering the Quantum Shift

Freedom Within is an online platform training Quantum Shift Facilitators to train Quantum Shift Facilitators to train Quantum Shift Facilitators.

Our current challenge is to attract the first 200 Early Adopters in teams of up to 12 participants into our six month Facilitator Program.

A key requirement for any participant is the intention, once ready, to attract a further 200 participants who in turn have similar intentions.

We use a network marketing model in order to scale exponentially in the fastest possible time. 

This illustrates the scaling potential.

Revenue Share

The Freedom Within structure consists of three basic interest groups: Sales, Production and Co-ordination.

These are described as Referral Partners, Facilitators, and The Centre.

Referral Partners generate sales and Facilitators facilitate groups.

The Centre co-ordinates the activities of the network.

Revenue is shared as shown.

The revenue share is allocated according to the table below:

In this model, Referrers and Facilitators earn a greater share through passive income. The Centre share reduces accordingly.

The Process and the Products

Shifting global consciousness is a major undertaking. For each individual there are essentially two stages:

  • Step One – Clearing Old Blocks
  • Step Two – One-to-one and group support to embed, integrate and sustain the shift through continued clearing and practice.
  • Step Three – learning how to set up and facilitate their own group(s).

The purpose of the training is to help the individual to totally heal their Core Wound, to experience and sustain a major shift in consciousness, and to heal themselves and their relationships.

Step One typically takes two hours. Steps Two and Three take six months.

So there are essentially two main products:

  • Clear Your Blocks
  • Quantum Shift Facilitator Training

Revenue Potential for Referral Partner

Unless a Facilitator already has a large social network including the potential for prospects, most of the sales are likely to be generated by professional Referral Partners.

Partners could be either individuals or groups and networks.

There are four potential revenue streams from the sale of the above two products:

  • Direct Revenue Share
  • Passive Revenue Share
  • Equity Stake
  • Dividends

For details of the pricing levels for each product and the potential earnings from each of these, see Referral Partner Earning Potential

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Freedom Within is a practical guide on how we can co-create the most beautiful of all possible worlds simply by changing ourselves. In other words... triggering the QUANTUM SHIFT in individual and collective consciousness.