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Freedom Within is a practical guide on how we can co-create the most beautiful of all possible worlds simply by changing ourselves. In other words... triggering the QUANTUM SHIFT in individual and collective consciousness.


I heal the World by Healing Myself …



What does it take

to help trigger a quantum shift

in individual and collective consciousness?







What does it take to shift collectively

from FEAR to LOVE ?


About Freedom Within

Do You Share Our Purpose? If so….

…this is for you if you want to

  • Join a self-organizing team.
  • Raise your level of consciousness to the highest possible levels.
  • Test and refine the remote group healing process to clear and transform collective blocked energy at the level of
    • family, friends and work
    • local community
    • national/international communities.
  • Support members of your team to create their own groups and train participants as facilitators.
  • Earn a living through this work.


Collaborative Enterprise For Training Facilitators

Freedom Within is structured as a collaborative social enterprise of small self-organizing teams providing facilitator training.

The medium term goal is for this training to be available for anyone.

In the short term, the aim is to train facilitators to train other facilitators across a range of niche sectors in personal development, health and social welfare.

Evolutionary Turning Point


Humanity has reached a critical evolutionary turning point.

At our current collective level of consciousness we have created a number of chronic converging crises.

These include environmental, economic, social, political and health.

At some point, these crises may become catastrophic.

Our Current Consciousness – Driven by FEAR

We are all born connected, but within a few months we have become disconnected.

Since the birth of language, humans have been on a 100,000 year evolutionary journey.

While we have become ever more competent in the field of technology and its associated productivity, efficiency and benefits, we have made very little progress in terms of expansion of consciousness.


Collectively we have hardly grown at all.

We have become progressively more and more disconnected.

Most of us are now chronically disconnected.

We see ourselves as separate from each other and the world.

We are now stuck in this way of being.

We are driven by our negative emotions.

Especially Shame, Guilt, Grief, Anger and Fear.

When we are stressed, we are primarily driven by FEAR.


The Quantum Shift – Moved by LOVE


The quantum shift means moving from our current level of separation, disconnection and stuckness to a state of union, connection and flow.

When we are connected, we are primarily moved by LOVE.

We are able to experience Acceptance, Forgiveness, Compassion, Unconditional Love, and Joy.

We feel a sense of Oneness – within ourselves, with others, and with the universe.

In other words, we have shifted from FEAR to LOVE.

The Trigger – It Only Takes 200!

One individual at a very high level of consciousness is able to counterbalance and raise the consciousness of millions of individuals at a lower level of consciousness.

Buddha and Christ were early examples.

Now there are many more people on the planet.

A quantum shift for the whole of humanity is possible when enough individuals are committed to raising their own level of consciousness with the intention of triggering the shift.


It only takes 200 individuals at the very highest levels of consciousness to start the process.



Once started, through the process of “energetic resonance”, the shift will spread to anyone that is ready and open.

Once the benefits are more widely appreciated, modern communications and education will complete the job.

We now have the tools and practices to enable individuals to expand to the highest levels of consciousness – quickly, easily, painlessly and safely.

We have the means to trigger the quantum shift.

We can do it…NOW!

Now the only question remains: do we want to do it?

Transformational Agents

Freedom Within is a training organization for individuals wishing to participate in and facilitate mutually supporting self-organizing teams.

The primary purpose is to help trigger the quantum shift.

We need to make this shift now in order to transition harmoniously to our next stage of evolutionary development.

In other words, to enable us to connect with each other and the planet in Love, Joy, Health and Abundance.


Are you a transformational agent looking to work with others to achieve this shared goal?



The end of March a week after having an operation and not being able to do much, I decided to update my LinkedIn. A couple of days later I connected with Michael Wolff. It just so happened he was doing a talk on unified consciousness the following week. I knew I had to be there, just wasn’t too sure if I would be able to drive so soon after the op.

I had an excited feeling driving through to Findhorn that evening, I didn’t know what to expect and never really had any expectations apart from the awareness that I was meant to be there for some reason. (That gut feeling again.)

Wow! Am I glad I listened to that gut feeling….. I opted for the Demo, was shown my solar plexus and throat chakras were blocked.

Michael then went on to unblock these areas…. I felt a massive release.


On hearing a workshop was on the same weekend, again I knew I should be there.

Had the most amazing weekend full of releasing blocks, healing and re-aligning with my authentic self. I felt fantastic, I found the reason I am here, the missing piece of the puzzle.

After the workshop synchronicity was at play. I was experiencing the healing effects I was having on other people and it seemed everywhere I went someone was in need of healing. This led to more and more meetings with Michael and at one of these meetings we both decided to join forces to be the change the world needs. To reach as many people as possible to achieve unified consciousness to make a difference in their life, so they can go forth and make a difference in others.

Michael is a amazing energy healer, Aikido teacher and unified consciousness life coach, who has been working with energy for over 35 years. This along with his life time of skills,wisdom and sensitivity makes him a magnificent teacher. And I am so glad and honoured to have the pleasure to work alongside him.

Love & Freedom, Jackie Mclaughlin, Inverness

Download Free eBook as PDF

Freedom Within is a practical guide on how we can co-create the most beautiful of all possible worlds simply by changing ourselves. In other words... triggering the QUANTUM SHIFT in individual and collective consciousness.