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Additional Income Opportunities

Equity Stake

Besides direct and passive revenue share, Referral Partners will be qualified to buy an equity stake in the enterprise once a referred trainee Facilitator has qualified. The Facilitator is qualified once they have satisfied the following conditions:

  • Completed the six-month program.
  • Committed to the ongoing Freedom Within program and processes.
  • Set up their first group with a minimum of 5 participants.
  • Subscribed to the Facilitator share allocation.

At this point, Referral Partners will be allocated 20 £1 shares for each referred participant who qualifies as an investing Facilitator as outlined above. Shares will be issued upon payment of £20.

Share Structure

Freedom Within is the trading name of Ki Net Limited, a private limited company registered in Scotland. It is currently owned by Michael and Jessica Wolff. Each has a £1 Ordinary Share.

As a collaborative social enterprise it is proposed that all the participants have an equity stake in the enterprise. It is also proposed that Early Adopters will have a higher proportional stake as a reward for taking a higher risk and also contributing to the early-stage development.

It is also intended as an incentive to find the most appropriate Early Adopters, upon whom the whole future of the enterprise depends.

It is proposed to increase the Authorized Share Capital of Ki Net Limited to One Million Ordinary Shares at £1.00.

Up to 20,000 £1 Ordinary Shares will be allocated for the first level, which will include a maximum of 200 Facilitators. These will be subdivided as follows:

  • Referral Partners           4,000 Ordinary Shares
  • Facilitators                    12,000 Ordinary Shares
  • The Centre                      4,000 Ordinary Shares

If the enterprise expands exponentially as intended, this equity could become very valuable both in terms of capital gain and dividends.

So, for Referral Partners, even one qualified Facilitator is potentially very valuable!

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