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Freedom Within – Quantum Shift Facilitator Program

At Freedom Within, we are looking to attract exceptional individuals into our six-month signature Facilitator Training Program. Our purpose is to help trigger the Quantum Shift in individual and collective consciousness within the next few years. In other words, shifting from Fear to Love.

Prospects are individuals who can see the growing existential threats posed especially by climate change. They can also see that we can avert these dangers by first changing ourselves. Joining the program, they are committed to experiencing a quantum shift in consciousness, working together to help others to transform themselves, and training other Facilitators to go on to do the same.

We are building a global collaborative enterprise using a network marketing business model. At this stage we are building Level One for some 200 Quantum Shift Facilitators.

From the perspective of a Referral partner, each of these two hundred are expected to be committed to building their own network of 10 or more Facilitators. That means at Level Two the network could have expanded to some 2,000 individuals. At Level 3, up to 20,000 individuals. And so on.

However, if each Facilitator committed to training 200 more Facilitators, at level Two the network would have expanded to 40,000. At level 3 up to 8 million. This, of course, is our ideal target. Exponential expansion is our goal!

We recognize that people who are good at being Facilitators are not usually gifted at sales. So there is a real need for strong Referral Partners.

The potential market, once established, is expected to be huge. That is why we see ourselves as creating the “Google” of the Age of Expanded Consciousness.

Early Adopters

Our target Facilitators are Early Adopters and need to be exceptional in many ways. Finding these exceptional people is not going to be easy. Most people on the planet do not perceive climate change as an existential threat. Of those that do, it takes a big leap to recognize that the Quantum Shift is an essential element in addressing the solution. That is why, to create a movement that will eventually transform human consciousness, the first adopters need to be exceptional.

Ideally, the initial participants need to tick ALL of the following boxes:

  • Acknowledge, understand and accept that humanity is facing an increasing risk of reaching a tipping point that will trigger irreversible global warming within the next 12 years leading to the extinction of 95 percent of life on the planet, most likely including all humans, within 100 years or less. This entails a state of Radical Acceptance, including letting go all Fear.
  • Acknowledge, understand, and accept that the Quantum Shift in individual and collective consciousness from Fear to Love is an essential prerequisite in managing this situation.
  • Be totally committed to
    • expanding one’s own consciousness exponentially to the highest possible level.
    • sustaining this level through practice and mutual support.
    • using the resulting individual and group power to help others to experience an exponential expansion of consciousness.
    • mutually supporting each other to becoming a Quantum Shift Facilitator and creating their own groups.
    • being a team player and an active member of a self-organizing team.
    • investing in the Quantum Shift Facilitator training
      1. for the purpose of both individual and collective transformation.
      2. as a means of earning a regular and passive income, a capital gain, and the prospect of shareholder dividends.
    • exponentially increasing the capital value of their shareholding in the venture and the potential for dividends through their creative endeavours.
    • helping to create the next “Google” in the Age of Expanded Consciousness.
  • Sharing the same core value:
    • “I cannot change the world, but I can change myself. When I change myself, the world changes accordingly.”

Early adopters are most likely to be a solo practitioner in the area of personal transformation, coaching, energy healing, alternative medicine, or spiritual development. For more detail see this one-pager Facilitator Profile.

If you think you are likely to have a few people like this in your list, then it would be great to explore further. This could be a huge opportunity.

Next Steps

We are currently recruiting the first 200 prospective Facilitators at the First Level. As a Referral Partner, even by referring one of these, you have an opportunity over a three year period to earn a six or even seven-figure income. This is through a combination of

  • direct revenue share
  • passive revenue share
  • equity share
  • dividends.

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Freedom Within is a practical guide on how we can co-create the most beautiful of all possible worlds simply by changing ourselves. In other words... triggering the QUANTUM SHIFT in individual and collective consciousness.